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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: December 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Birthdays are Better at Glamour Shots Studios

For parents, planning a fun and unique birthday party for their children can be quite a challenge. When all of their friends are having birthday parties at the local ice skating rink, arcade or arts-and-crafts studio, it is important to find a special venue that both the birthday boy or girl and their friends will love. For any child that has ever dreamed of having a day of glamour, a birthday party at the professional photography studio Glamour Shots just the answer.

Unlike other photography studios that host birthdays where children can simply pose for photographs, Glamour Shots specializes in glamour photography and will provide fun makeovers for the birthday boy or girl, and for all of their guests. These makeovers include makeup and hairstyling done by Glamour Shots' makeover specialists as well as multiple outfit changes during the photo sessions. Party packages also include:
• 12-16 pose photo experience for each party guest
• Instant viewing of portraits after photo session so guests can pick which pictures they want right away • 9 portraits, 1 5x7 and 8 sub wallet party favors
• Photos of birthday boy or girl with parents or grandparents Children are sure to feel like a star for a day with a birthday party at Glamour Shots studios.

Not only will they have fun getting makeovers with their friends, but children and their parents will be able to remember this exciting experience with their high-quality glamour photos. And according the many Glamour Shots reviews, the photography studios' birthday party packages are all affordably priced. Although prices vary by studio location, packages are priced on number of party guests as well as an extras added. For more information about scheduling a makeover birthday party at Glamour Shots, be sure to visit their website or call them at 1-888-GLAMOUR SHOTS.


Best and Worst Outfits to Wear to Professional Photo Sessions

When going to a professional photo session one of the most common questions people ask is what they should wear. Although there are a number of factors that determine whether a portrait will turn out good or bad, the clothes people wear in the photo shoot may be one of the most influential. Choosing the right colors and styles will not only help people look their best in their photos, but they will also help in the overall composition of the image.

Here are a few helpful tips people can use when deciding what to wear to their photo shoots:

Choose solids over crazy prints. When having a photo session the attention should be on the people in the portrait; not their clothes. Not only can wild patterns clothing be distracting, it can clash with different backgrounds making the entire photo look too busy. Instead choose solid-colored shirts and bottoms as these photograph better and give the photographer more background options.
For group portraits, choose coordinating colors. By wearing colors in the same tonal ranges no one will "get lost" in a photo. For example, people can wear white, tan and a mossy green in a portrait as these are complementary earth tones. Another option is to stick with various neutral colors such as white, grey, tan, etc. as these can complement any bolder colors or skin tones. No matter what colors one decides, it is just important that not everyone is wearing the same exact shade.
Comfort is key! It is important to remember that these portraits are supposed to represent the people in them. By picking well-fitting, comfortable clothing people will not only look good, but they will be able to smile more and look happier in their portraits.
For more help, search photography studio's websites. Oftentimes these websites include galleries where people can view past customers' portraits and get inspiration for their own sessions. Another idea is to read customer reviews. For instance, some Glamour Shots reviews mention what the customers wore to the sessions as well as what backgrounds worked best for their portraits. Any type of information like this can help people decide what to wear.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Read Online Reviews with Caution

While the internet has been an extremely useful tool for bumping a company's ratings and expanding their clientele, it also can come with undeserved consequences for businesses. It is fortunate that we have the right to free speech, particularly on the web, but it can also be unlucky for companies who receive poor false reviews. For example, if Glamour Shots is accused of a Glamour photography scam as the result of a customer who was unsatisfied with the company for a reason not involving Glamour Shots, their reputation is on the line. It only takes one negative false review to affect others' decisions to use a service or business and it's often hard to tell if it's true or false.

When reading online reviews, be sure to keep in mind that there are always two sides to every story. Perhaps the company that the customer is negatively reviewing is not at fault. It's also a possibility that a competitor could be writing fake reviews for their own personal gain. Whatever the reason for posting a review, keep in mind that not everything you read on the internet is true. In order to truly understand a company, check out their website and various social media outlets that they are associated with. What have they done to respond to negative reviews? What is their promise to customers?

Next time you read a review about a Glamour photography scam, be sure to check out the Glamour website to what they're really about. Businesses often have various social media outlets associated with their site, so check out what people are saying to them on their Facebook and Twitter. It's important to keep in mind that everyone has the right to free speech; however, some choose to use it in unethical ways.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Glamour Shots Holiday Greeting Cards

As the holidays approach, people are beginning to make time for gift shopping and holiday family portraits. Glamour Shots, among other photography studios, is now offering holiday family portraits and can be booked by phone or website. Avoid Glamour photography scams, such as fake coupons by gathering information only from the Glamour Shots site or Glamour Shots staff itself. Family portraits are a great way to get the whole family together while creating beautiful portraits for friends and family to enjoy on your upcoming holiday card.

Friends and family appreciate personalization added to holiday greeting cards and a family portrait adds that finishing personal touch. These personalized greeting cards also give far-away friends and family the opportunity to see how everyone in the family grew up over the past year. By providing a portrait within a greeting card, you are incorporating a small holiday gift as well that is both thoughtful and affordable. Before paying a visit to the photographer, think about how you'll incorporate your family portrait into your holiday greeting cards. Coordinate your family's clothes so your portrait looks well-balanced but avoid the ugly Christmas sweaters in order to evade a tacky holiday portrait. 

Glamour Shots offers a variety of card themes to choose from, including a variety of holidays and winter themes. Personalize your holiday greeting cards with a short message for a finishing touch. Glamour Shots greeting cards are available in sets of 12 or 20 and come with white envelopes for mailing. Whether you visit the Picture People, Glamour Shots, or another studio company, it’s important to have fun with your portraits – your happiness will shine through your photos!



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