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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: March 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Avoiding Fashion Regrets in Senior Portraits

Planning for a graduation portrait is exciting as a young adult approaches this significant step in life. It's easy to consult with peers to decide on the best wardrobe and accessory choices for the sitting, but in spite of (or perhaps because of) such input, many students find that they have complaints related to their wardrobe choices. There are a few common issues that surface, but planning ahead can eliminate any problems and ensure that the pictures turn out perfect.


One of the most important things to consider is what style of clothing to wear. Fun photos are a great way to create lasting memories of the years that students spent in high school, while serious photos can be useful in job applications and college interviews. Ideally, graduates will want some of both, so they should bring clothing to suit the two styles. 


Hair styles and accessories can also be an issue in retrospect. Hair that is very "of-the-moment" can look really dated later in life and it is up to the student to decide if that will be a cause of annoyance or the basis for funny memories. Hair accessories are very popular with girls in portraits, as well, but sometimes they may look silly or inappropriate to the photos after the fact. A smart way to go is to take a few pictures both with and without any accessories so that if one look isn't that good, there are options. In addition, by allowing the stylist to make suggestions during the appointment, students can take advantage of their superior experience.


Makeup is a key component to the process and easily one of the most common sources of Glamour Shots complaints. Studio artists will accommodate customer interests, providing input throughout the process but, ultimately, the decisions are made by the client. While it's easy to select dramatic makeup at the outset, it's usually better to begin simply, using natural colors at first to see the effect in a sample photo before proceeding. After all, adding more makeup is easier than removing it during a session.

Color Choices

Many subjects find that they are frustrated about the color choices they make for their sittings. Arriving at a shoot with a few clothing and accessory choices will ensure that there are several ways to create a look. Work with the photographer to determine which colors seem to show off the best qualities.


Accessories can be a lot of fun when creating a memorable graduation portrait. Use meaningful props and complementary clothing and jewelry and don't go overboard in every shot. Aiming for a balance between conservative shots and fun pictures will ensure that the end result is pleasing.

Graduation is an important time in a young adult's life and having a quality portrait taken is a big part of the rite of passage. Students can get the best look for their photographs by planning ahead and being smart about their choices.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Keeping Youngsters' Complaints to a Minimum during a Family Portrait Sitting

Organizing a group of children for a family portrait can be a huge challenge. The ages of the children can play a role, and it's important to plan ahead for a sitting so that youngsters' Glamour Shots complaints are minimized. There are a few preliminary steps to take before arriving at the studio, and there are some excellent behavior management tips that can calm youngsters during the shoot.

Fighting Short Attention Spans

One of the most important things to consider in bringing young children to the studio is the fact that attention spans can be limited. It's important to bring along a few distractions for little ones so that they can be engaged during the time that a photographer spends setting up the next shot. A favorite toy can be a fantastic prop, so look for a comfortable blanket or a favorite stuffed animal to have available for the session.

 Evading Food and Drink Messes

Youngsters can often be distracted with snacks or drinks; however, the wrong snack can leave a mess on a child's clothing. Bring a hard-to-spill bottle or cup with water or a light-colored beverage so that stains on a youngster's clothing won't be a problem. Avoid crumbly snacks like crackers and dry cookies and instead opt for a package of cereal pieces or some apple slices.

Avoiding Tangled Hair

As the hair stylists and makeup artists work with young children, there can be serious complaints (especially by young girls) about tangles in their hair. Make sure that hair is detangled ahead of time. If outdoor conditions are windy, try to use a scarf or hood to protect long hair from being mussed. Take a moment to brush out tangles upon arrival so that there aren't difficult spots that will lead to frustrating moments.

Older children tend to have fewer complaints because of the enthusiastic attitudes they encounter in studio staff. The interactive nature of the experience appeals to inquisitive young minds, making it very easy for photographers to achieve excellent results. A good plan for small children can ensure a positive experience for everyone.



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