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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: August 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Planning Ahead for your Glamour Shots Session

Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and just ordinary celebrations are the perfect time to capture the moment. After all, many memories will fade, but those caught on film will last forever. This year, capture your precious moments on film with Glamour Shots photography studios. You'll find that having your picture taken professionally will not only make everyone feel at ease and comfortable, but will also help everyone to feel a little more beautiful.

When you decide to visit Glamour Shots, it's smart to plan ahead for the session. Here are a few of the most important things to consider:

First off, make sure to discuss Glamour Shots prices with the studio ahead of time or check the rates out online, so that you are never caught off guard. The more you understand about the prices and any extras that you might want the better you'll be able to budget and prepare. Start off by calling and making an appointment and discussing your expectations with one of our professionals.

Next, discuss the photography session with all of those involved and ask some important questions:
  • Is everyone comfortable with having their picture taken?
  • Do family members want any special sessions or individual shots?
  • Does everyone have some outfits that they want to wear or do they want to coordinate colors or themes in any way?
  • Does the family know that Glamour Shots provides hair styling and makeup?

Make sure that each person understands the options available and let the photographer know about any priorities or preferences that they have on arrival. This will better help the photographer plan for the session and understand the best way to shoot it.

Finally, make sure that you are always prompt when dealing with your photographer. Never expect your photographer to stay late simply because your relatives were not on time, as he or she may have other clients with appointments and may not be able to accommodate you. With everyone in your group on the same page, getting the best result from your Glamour Shots session will be easy. When you plan ahead properly, everyone will be happy and you and your family will have excellent photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.



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