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Friday, April 5, 2013

Glamour Shots Prices: Perfect for Prom!

Prom is an unforgettable moment for every high school student, but it requires a lot of planning. With the must-haves ranging from formalwear and flowers to limousines and five-star dinners, it’s not difficult to rack up a hefty bill weeks before the event, and many prom-bound teenagers discover that they don’t have the budget for professional pictures. Luckily, Glamour Shots can help. Here are the top four reasons prom-goers should consider using the company.

1. Glamour Shots prices are budget-friendly.

No matter how much money a teenager has to spend on prom, Glamour Shots makes it easy to add professional portraits to the list of expenses. Glamour Shots prices are so affordable, in fact, that high-schoolers can pay for the pictures themselves with an after-school job.

2. Teenagers can choose from a variety of unique packages.

Prom-goers want to create a special experience, and Glamour Shots makes it easier than ever to do so. With a variety of photo sizes and prices, any teenager can put together the perfect package for his or her needs. Plus, the company offers photo finishes such as sepia, black and white, and pearlization, so each portrait can feature a little extra flair.

3. The process is ultra-luxurious.

Pampering is a crucial part of the prom experience. Glamour Shots lets teenagers indulge in affordable luxury with a photo-shoot designed to treat each person like a celebrity.

4. The photographs capture — and create — memories.

A Glamour Shots prom portrait commemorates an important event, and it gives teenagers something to look back on for years to come. What’s more, they can trade the photos with their friends to create the perfect prom scrapbook. Because Glamour Shots prices are so affordable, there’s never been a better time to use the company for high-quality prom portraits. With so many options and photography styles, teenagers are sure to get a selection of pictures they’ll cherish forever.



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