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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: Glamour Shots Prices Ripoff: The Truth Behind the Claims

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glamour Shots Prices Ripoff: The Truth Behind the Claims

Professional portraits provide individuals with a way to preserve and even glamourize their current beauty and style, and Glamour Shots provides those of all ages with a memorable experience coupled with amazing results. Unlike other studios, the focus the experts at Glamour Shots puts on professionalism ensures you never leave feeling like the victim of a Glamour Shots prices ripoff.

There are two key components to the rates offered by Glamour Shots. First, there is a session fee that goes toward the stylist’s time to beautifully transform the subject. The subject of the photo shoot receives a makeover that includes airbrushed makeup and gorgeous hair styling. This step ensures that the subject looks breathtaking in the photos, and it also gives the subject the special feeling that a model may experience in his or her own photo shoot session. This step is as much about the end result as it is about the experience itself.

The session fee also includes the photographer’s time to create various sets and poses for the subject. In some cases, the subject will be photographed with close-up shots, but even with these poses, the lighting and background need to be perfect in order to create amazing results. This step ensures that the photos look great, but there is also a fun element to this part of the experience that enhances the "model" experience for the subject.

The photos will need to be purchased separately, and there are numerous pricing options available. This ensures that the subjects are able to purchase various poses and photo sizes in a manner that conforms to their budget. Photos are printed on high-quality paper with professional results.

When you leave with memories that will last forever, you never feel less than fully satisfied with your experience at Glamour Shots.



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