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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: Read Online Reviews with Caution

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Read Online Reviews with Caution

While the internet has been an extremely useful tool for bumping a company's ratings and expanding their clientele, it also can come with undeserved consequences for businesses. It is fortunate that we have the right to free speech, particularly on the web, but it can also be unlucky for companies who receive poor false reviews. For example, if Glamour Shots is accused of a Glamour photography scam as the result of a customer who was unsatisfied with the company for a reason not involving Glamour Shots, their reputation is on the line. It only takes one negative false review to affect others' decisions to use a service or business and it's often hard to tell if it's true or false.

When reading online reviews, be sure to keep in mind that there are always two sides to every story. Perhaps the company that the customer is negatively reviewing is not at fault. It's also a possibility that a competitor could be writing fake reviews for their own personal gain. Whatever the reason for posting a review, keep in mind that not everything you read on the internet is true. In order to truly understand a company, check out their website and various social media outlets that they are associated with. What have they done to respond to negative reviews? What is their promise to customers?

Next time you read a review about a Glamour photography scam, be sure to check out the Glamour website to what they're really about. Businesses often have various social media outlets associated with their site, so check out what people are saying to them on their Facebook and Twitter. It's important to keep in mind that everyone has the right to free speech; however, some choose to use it in unethical ways.



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