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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Glamour Shots Alternatives to School Photos

The back-to-school season brings many expenses. A parent can feel like the family budget is being squeezed dry by the expense of school supplies, clothing and fall pictures, but it's even more annoying when money is spent on inferior products. At times, school photographers lack the skills to create quality images and the frustration that parents may feel is compounded by the excessive pricing that many such photo packages carry. The whole thing can feel like a scam and the Glamour Shots scam solution is to offer clients high quality photographers at good prices.

One of the best reasons for considering a Glamour Shots alternative is the variety of poses that can be captured in a comfortable setting. It's also easy to provide input during the shoot to ensure that a child's best attributes are focused upon. Accessory and clothing changes make adding some fun features to a back-to-school portrait simple.

Additionally, parental presence during the photography session ensures that a child is on their best behavior. Peer pressure can play a role in a picture taken in a school setting, leading to goofy looks and other issues that can only be resolved with retakes. The choice of Glamour Shots eliminates the need for those dreaded retakes by getting parental approval on the spot.

School photos are fun for kids to exchange, but bad pictures make it an unpleasant experience for everyone. A professional photographer from Glamour Shots will make sure that each photo is great and that parents and children have a positive experience. Parents can also make the most of these pictures, turning them into gifts for the whole family. From keepsake mugs to canvas prints, parents have high-quality options for grandparents and other relatives.

Parents aren't obligated to purchase any photos from their child's school, but not getting any photos at all can seem like a let-down and a missed opportunity. Rather than feeling like they've been scammed, parents should invest in a quality photo shoot that provides excellent images and positive memories.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Planning Ahead for your Glamour Shots Session

Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and just ordinary celebrations are the perfect time to capture the moment. After all, many memories will fade, but those caught on film will last forever. This year, capture your precious moments on film with Glamour Shots photography studios. You'll find that having your picture taken professionally will not only make everyone feel at ease and comfortable, but will also help everyone to feel a little more beautiful.

When you decide to visit Glamour Shots, it's smart to plan ahead for the session. Here are a few of the most important things to consider:

First off, make sure to discuss Glamour Shots prices with the studio ahead of time or check the rates out online, so that you are never caught off guard. The more you understand about the prices and any extras that you might want the better you'll be able to budget and prepare. Start off by calling and making an appointment and discussing your expectations with one of our professionals.

Next, discuss the photography session with all of those involved and ask some important questions:
  • Is everyone comfortable with having their picture taken?
  • Do family members want any special sessions or individual shots?
  • Does everyone have some outfits that they want to wear or do they want to coordinate colors or themes in any way?
  • Does the family know that Glamour Shots provides hair styling and makeup?

Make sure that each person understands the options available and let the photographer know about any priorities or preferences that they have on arrival. This will better help the photographer plan for the session and understand the best way to shoot it.

Finally, make sure that you are always prompt when dealing with your photographer. Never expect your photographer to stay late simply because your relatives were not on time, as he or she may have other clients with appointments and may not be able to accommodate you. With everyone in your group on the same page, getting the best result from your Glamour Shots session will be easy. When you plan ahead properly, everyone will be happy and you and your family will have excellent photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Extra Savings and Opportunities with Social Media Offers

There are lots of occasions that lend themselves to having special portraits taken, but the costs of formal sitting can sometimes add up. At Glamour Shots, we focus on providing a quality experience and exceptional products, ensuring that every visit provides customers with their money's worth.

Additionally, we focus on increasing value through the many promotional offers that we provide throughout the year and one of the best ways to find these opportunities is through social media. A follower of Glamour Shots will notice many special deals in social media feeds, with many chances for new discounts or unique product packages.

Holidays are particularly important times for formal photos and family costs can really mount with Christmas portraits for greeting cards or personal gifts. Keeping an eye on social feeds for Glamour Shots will allow customers to snap up special offer codes and to take note of seasonal sales ahead of the traditional holiday schedules. Early shoots can often lead to huge savings, so look for additional offers for holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. Parents can keep a lookout for deals around Father's and Mother's Day to surprise their significant other with unique and thoughtful gifts "from the kids."

Parents with young children will appreciate the frequent deals offered through social venues, which provide them opportunities for tracking and capturing important developmental steps that their kids take. Some parents love the idea of having monthly sittings for newborn babies, while others opt for quarterly photos.

Look for savings on products like photo books to create beautiful mementos for both personal and gifting purposes. Glamour Shots reviews customer needs and interests to make such unique packages and products available at excellent prices.


Monday, July 1, 2013

What to Wear to Glamour Shots Senior and Family Portraits

Glamour Shots is a family-friendly photo studio that can take any sort of picture that customers need. Whether a high school senior wants to take beautiful class pictures or a family wants to get their yearly photo done in style, Glamour Shots has got it covered. With this state-of-the-art portrait studio, families never have to worry about a Glamour Shots scam, being rushed, feeling frustrated or getting less-than-perfect pictures. Families, couples and individuals who want their portraits taken can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Before a portrait session, it is important to select all of the outfits that are to be worn. Never show up at a portrait session wearing dirty, disheveled clothes. Remember, family portraits will be hung on the walls for years to come, so why wear something unprofessional or unkempt? For the best family pictures, each person should wear complementary clothing in the same style and/or color, and the group should agree ahead of time on a level of casual or formal.

Many families choose to wear jeans and a plain-colored t-shirt, such as blue or red; others may decide to dress comfortably, but in black; others still decide to get creative and tell relatives to show up dressed in their best tropical gear! The family should decide what theme or outfits each person will wear prior to the shoot.

For senior portraits, students can bring a few changes of clothes. Many seniors want to take a few pictures in their band or football uniforms and other pictures in formal clothing. Each senior should wear something that makes him or her feel comfortable and is easy to move in. After all, Glamour Shots are all about feeling comfortable with yourself and looking good -- and it's hard to look good when you're squirming.

No matter what people are trying to celebrate, whether it's educational achievement or family ties, Glamour Shots offers one of the best ways to do so. With their expertise in photography and a careful selection of clothing on the customers' parts, Glamour Shots can ensure that every picture will be a winner.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Special Glamour Shots Prices for Your Yearly Family Photo

The yearly family photo has become a staple of American culture – it gives friends and relatives who live far away a chance to watch a family grow and mature, and it provides a personal keepsake that parents and children can enjoy well into their golden years.

Of course, no one wants to ruin such a special photograph by having it done cut-rate, but all too many families are on tight budgets nowadays and can't afford to have their yearly photos done professionally. Fortunately, Glamour Shots has found a way to provide all the flash without all the cash.

Glamour Shots is already known for its stellar work photographing individuals and groups for all manner of occasions, and its reputation for high-quality family portraits is growing every day. To ensure that every family – even those on a budget – gets a chance to enjoy star treatment, the company has offered a number of special online packages, all available at a significant discount.

These special online Glamour Shots prices are sure to impress even the pinchiest of penny-pinchers, who will be thrilled at the talents of the always-professional Glamour Shots staff. Best of all, getting one's family portraits done at Glamour Shots will ensure that you and yours have never looked better, and the folks on the family mailing list will be none the wiser about the money saved.

So, if one finds themselves in the market for a family photo come Christmas, Halloween or just because – check out the special Glamour Shots prices that can be found online. The family will look fantastic, and so will the yearly budget.


Monday, April 8, 2013

It’s Not a Glamour Shots Scam: The Portrait Shoot Experience

Celebrities may be used to the constant popping of flash-bulbs, but photo-shoots can be a daunting experience for everyone else. With outfit changes and makeup sessions, the whole thing can feel like a Glamour Shots scam. Of course, it’s all just a typical part of the portrait process. Below, potential customers can learn what to expect from their Glamour Shots session and pick up a few tips on how to best prepare for the shoot.

Why Glamour Shots?

Glamour Shots is a company that specializes in upscale, luxurious portraits for every occasion. Customers can capture a college graduation, a high-school prom or even a holy communion, and they’ll always get access to the most skilled photographers and makeup artists. Plus, Glamour Shots offers a range of packages and photo finishes, so anyone can create a unique experience that's tailor-made for his or her style. It’s the perfect way to get professional portraits without paying astronomical prices.

The Photo-Shoot Process

The experience starts with a consultation that allows the photographer and makeup artist to better understand the customer’s style. Then, after a relaxing and transformative makeover, the photographer will take pictures of the subject in several of his or her outfits. The photos can even include props like musical instruments, uniforms or the family pet. At Glamour Shots, it’s all about the customer, so anything is possible.

The Finished Product

After the shoot, customers will use the Glamour Shots viewing system to choose the best portraits and select from a variety of photo sizes, packages, and finishes. What’s more, a skilled photography expert can retouch every photo to make sure the subject looks beyond fantastic.

Even if it feels like a Glamour Shots scam, the portrait experience is designed to create the most high-quality images and beautiful finished products. With Glamour Shots, anyone can be a celebrity for a day.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Glamour Shots Prices: Perfect for Prom!

Prom is an unforgettable moment for every high school student, but it requires a lot of planning. With the must-haves ranging from formalwear and flowers to limousines and five-star dinners, it’s not difficult to rack up a hefty bill weeks before the event, and many prom-bound teenagers discover that they don’t have the budget for professional pictures. Luckily, Glamour Shots can help. Here are the top four reasons prom-goers should consider using the company.

1. Glamour Shots prices are budget-friendly.

No matter how much money a teenager has to spend on prom, Glamour Shots makes it easy to add professional portraits to the list of expenses. Glamour Shots prices are so affordable, in fact, that high-schoolers can pay for the pictures themselves with an after-school job.

2. Teenagers can choose from a variety of unique packages.

Prom-goers want to create a special experience, and Glamour Shots makes it easier than ever to do so. With a variety of photo sizes and prices, any teenager can put together the perfect package for his or her needs. Plus, the company offers photo finishes such as sepia, black and white, and pearlization, so each portrait can feature a little extra flair.

3. The process is ultra-luxurious.

Pampering is a crucial part of the prom experience. Glamour Shots lets teenagers indulge in affordable luxury with a photo-shoot designed to treat each person like a celebrity.

4. The photographs capture — and create — memories.

A Glamour Shots prom portrait commemorates an important event, and it gives teenagers something to look back on for years to come. What’s more, they can trade the photos with their friends to create the perfect prom scrapbook. Because Glamour Shots prices are so affordable, there’s never been a better time to use the company for high-quality prom portraits. With so many options and photography styles, teenagers are sure to get a selection of pictures they’ll cherish forever.



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