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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: It’s Not a Glamour Shots Scam: The Portrait Shoot Experience

Monday, April 8, 2013

It’s Not a Glamour Shots Scam: The Portrait Shoot Experience

Celebrities may be used to the constant popping of flash-bulbs, but photo-shoots can be a daunting experience for everyone else. With outfit changes and makeup sessions, the whole thing can feel like a Glamour Shots scam. Of course, it’s all just a typical part of the portrait process. Below, potential customers can learn what to expect from their Glamour Shots session and pick up a few tips on how to best prepare for the shoot.

Why Glamour Shots?

Glamour Shots is a company that specializes in upscale, luxurious portraits for every occasion. Customers can capture a college graduation, a high-school prom or even a holy communion, and they’ll always get access to the most skilled photographers and makeup artists. Plus, Glamour Shots offers a range of packages and photo finishes, so anyone can create a unique experience that's tailor-made for his or her style. It’s the perfect way to get professional portraits without paying astronomical prices.

The Photo-Shoot Process

The experience starts with a consultation that allows the photographer and makeup artist to better understand the customer’s style. Then, after a relaxing and transformative makeover, the photographer will take pictures of the subject in several of his or her outfits. The photos can even include props like musical instruments, uniforms or the family pet. At Glamour Shots, it’s all about the customer, so anything is possible.

The Finished Product

After the shoot, customers will use the Glamour Shots viewing system to choose the best portraits and select from a variety of photo sizes, packages, and finishes. What’s more, a skilled photography expert can retouch every photo to make sure the subject looks beyond fantastic.

Even if it feels like a Glamour Shots scam, the portrait experience is designed to create the most high-quality images and beautiful finished products. With Glamour Shots, anyone can be a celebrity for a day.

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