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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: Why Birthdays are Better at Glamour Shots Studios

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Birthdays are Better at Glamour Shots Studios

For parents, planning a fun and unique birthday party for their children can be quite a challenge. When all of their friends are having birthday parties at the local ice skating rink, arcade or arts-and-crafts studio, it is important to find a special venue that both the birthday boy or girl and their friends will love. For any child that has ever dreamed of having a day of glamour, a birthday party at the professional photography studio Glamour Shots just the answer.

Unlike other photography studios that host birthdays where children can simply pose for photographs, Glamour Shots specializes in glamour photography and will provide fun makeovers for the birthday boy or girl, and for all of their guests. These makeovers include makeup and hairstyling done by Glamour Shots' makeover specialists as well as multiple outfit changes during the photo sessions. Party packages also include:
• 12-16 pose photo experience for each party guest
• Instant viewing of portraits after photo session so guests can pick which pictures they want right away • 9 portraits, 1 5x7 and 8 sub wallet party favors
• Photos of birthday boy or girl with parents or grandparents Children are sure to feel like a star for a day with a birthday party at Glamour Shots studios.

Not only will they have fun getting makeovers with their friends, but children and their parents will be able to remember this exciting experience with their high-quality glamour photos. And according the many Glamour Shots reviews, the photography studios' birthday party packages are all affordably priced. Although prices vary by studio location, packages are priced on number of party guests as well as an extras added. For more information about scheduling a makeover birthday party at Glamour Shots, be sure to visit their website or call them at 1-888-GLAMOUR SHOTS.



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