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Glamour Shots Family Portraits: Have Your Family Look Their Best with a Glamour Shots Photo Shoot

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have Your Family Look Their Best with a Glamour Shots Photo Shoot

It may already be a tradition in your family to send a family portrait in a card to your relatives and friends every holiday season. Your routine is the same every year: dress up in your best and head to the studio, somehow get everyone to sit still and smile, and purchase the same standard set of portraits that you hope to spread holiday cheer with.

Tired of doing the same old thing every year? Spice up your holiday portrait routine this year with a photo shoot at Glamour Shots! Have fun with your family, look and feel your best throughout the experience, and feel proud of the portraits that you send out during these coming holidays.

Taking a family portrait with Glamour Shots goes way beyond the typical experience you will have in most other studios. A session with us starts out with every member of your family receiving professional hairstyling and makeup services from our in-house experts. Every single person can choose how he or she wants to be styled. Since it is our goal to make everyone as happy as possible with their portraits, we never pressure anyone to do something with hair or face that he or she doesn't want to do.

The photo shoot that follows, is a one of a kind experience that your entire family will enjoy. Our photographers are all friendly and professional, and keep things upbeat to keep your family smiling. The results, of course, are beautiful portraits of your family looking their very best. From the great poses we put you in, to the Glamour Touch we use to polish your final look, the Glamour Shots process produces amazing portraits that will definitely make your family's holiday card stand out in your relatives and friends' homes.

Contact your nearest Glamour Shots studio today to learn more about our special holiday offers.


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